hey guys, watch my new Top 30 Best Movie Heroes and tell me what you think about it!;)

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"If you already know the answers to your questions, then why ask pig fuck?"

The Master (2012) Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson 

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Greatest performances of Bob De Niro:

Happy 71th Birthday Bob!!

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There is this image that has been built up - invented, more like - and there’s me, living the life. I do not consider myself some sort of acting legend, just an actor doing his best with the material that is there at the time.

Happy 70th Birthday Robert De Niro!!!  | August 17, 1943

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Happy 71th Birthday Robert De Niro! (August 17, 1943)

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Men can’t be friends with women Howard. They must posses them or leave them be. It’s a primitive urge from caveman days. It’s all in Darwin. Hunt the flesh. Kill the flesh. Eat the flesh. That’s the, ah, male sex all over.

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Guardians of the Galaxy + Scenery

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Get to Know Me Meme - [5] Favourite Movies

[3] Prisoners (2013) Denis Villeneuve

"He’s not a person any more. No, he stopped being a person when he took our daughters..”

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